Women Should Be Weight Training

Nearly every woman I’ve ever discussed fitness with has told me that she avoids weight training because she’s afraid she will end up looking like a man. One need not look any further than the sport of female bodybuilding to see where their beliefs stem from. Sadly, too few women realize that it takes consistently high testosterone levels to maintain heavy muscle mass – the kind of testosterone levels that require steroid use for women. So ladies, unless you’re planning on using steroids, you have got absolutely nothing to worry about.

The truth is that weight training can, and will, help women get the toned physique they’re after.

Even a basic weight training program helps achieve a couple of the things required to change one’s physique – primarily, increased lean muscle mass, which means, increased caloric burn. Every pound of lean muscle put on, burns an additional 50 calories a day. When the amount of calories burned is greater than the amount consumed, weight loss occurs. So it should be easy to see why weight training can help achieve a toned physique.

More Muscle + Decreased Body Fat = Toning

Ladies, this is my call to you – find a simple and easy to follow full-body routine and do it a few times a week in place of cardio sessions. I promise, if you put the work in and push yourself, you will see greater results, more quickly than a treadmill could ever provide…as long as you’re not hitting the drive through after the gym that is.

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Nick Brennan

Founder & CEO

Unbeaten Fitness