Don’t Hold Onto The Treadmill!

We’ve all witnessed people in the gym holding onto the treadmill for dear life with the incline ramped up as high as it will go. They look silly, and they think they’re crushing a tough workout, however the reality is anything but.

There is nothing you can do to decrease the effectiveness of your time on the treadmill more than this!

Imagine yourself walking up a hill. When you lift your foot to take each step you bend your knees. Your quads work to straighten your leg at the knee, which helps propel your body forward. The steeper the incline, the more bend in your knee and the more work your quads have to do to move your body along. By holding onto the handles and leaning backwards while on a treadmill, the stress that the incline is designed to place on your quads is effectively taken out of the equation.

If you don’t believe me, set the incline to 10 the next time you’re on the treadmill. Spend 1 minute holding on and 1 minute leaning into the incline without the support of your arms. I promise minute 2 will be much more grueling.

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Nick Brennan

Founder & CEO

Unbeaten Fitness